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When We Have Wings
Written by:
Claire Corbett 
Read by:
Peter Hosking 
Unabridged CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
17 hours 1 minutes 
April 01 2012 
Available Date:
June 28 2012 
Age Category:
Young Adult (15+) 
Fiction; Fantasy; Fantasy Fiction; Futuristic Adventure 
Bolinda audio 
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AUD$ 34.95
AUD$ 34.95

"This book is intoxicating; it made me imagine things I never imagined before. The world of flying is so complete, so detailed and real, it was as if I was flying, as if I could feel my wings. This is an addictive mystery, clever and compelling."
Jane Campion, director of The Piano and Bright Star

"A brilliantly conceived vision, bold in its execution and utterly convincing in its detail. When We Have Wings is that rare thing, a compelling read that is both emotionally and intellectually satisfying."
Amanda Lohrey, author of The Labyrinth

Feel the exhilaration and terror of flight - over vertiginous skyscrapers, into wild storms and across hypnotic wilderness – and be enthralled as Peri and Zeke battle through an alternate future that is only too possible.

Flight - you'll dream about it. She had never seen the sky in all her life before. How high could she fly? What was the limit? She was already so high the earth was no longer real. Only her in the sky. Every spiral pure joy. This was Flight. It was for this she'd risked and endured so much. It had to be worth it. The dream of being able to fly is now physical reality but only the rich and powerful can afford the surgery, drugs, and gene manipulation to become fliers. Peri, a poor girl from the regions, will sacrifice anything to get her wings and join this elite but the price is higher than she could have imagined. So why then does she throw it all away?

"In this slightly futuristic world, there's a class divide between rich fliers, with genetically engineered attached wings, and wretchedly poor non-fliers. Peter Hosking does an excellent job clearly differentiating between the two main characters. Zeke, the traditional noir cop turned cynical private eye, is trying to track down a young nanny who has stolen her charge. Hosking expertly projects Zeke's confusion and shifting emotions as he uncovers the young woman's true story. In addition, Hosking effectively projects Zeke's uncertainty about whether or not he should get his own son wings in a system full of corruption. This is a detail-rich story, and Hosking's clear, lilting voice, with its slight Australian accent, is a true pleasure."
AudioFile Magazine

"There’s magic in the descriptions of visionary architecture and idealistic modified environments, as well as in the imagined realisation of the ancient human aspiration for flight. There’s realism too, however, and not a little humour, in the humans’ tendency to fail spectacularly (like Icarus) – or at least to fall short. I found the descriptions of urban slums and city-edge wastelands a disturbing commentary on present trends. ... A pretty impressive first novel ... Underneath it all, there's an exciting, sometimes romantic, and often scary story."
Helen Watson White, Sunday Star Times, NZ

"It’s a fascinating read which will keep you guessing all the way…and, maybe, even wishing for some wings of your own. In a word: Unputdownable."
Townsville Bulletin