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The Why: Healthy Habits for an Epic Life
Released the same day as the standard print edition
The Why: Healthy Habits for an Epic Life
Written by:
Isabelle Cornish 
Read by:
Myfanwy HockingIsabelle Cornish 
Unabridged CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
6 hours 33 minutes 
June 09 2022 
Available Date:
June 09 2022 
Age Category:
Non-fiction; Lifestyle - Wellbeing; Mind, Body & Spirit; Self Help 
Bolinda audio 
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NZD$ 34.95
NZD$ 34.95

Australian author

Transform your life by tuning into the wisdom of your mind, body and soul in this hands-on guide to living well, from wellness warrior and actor Isabelle Cornish.

In this hands-on guide to living well, Isabelle Cornish will inspire you to discover your true power within – by listening to your heart, being comfortable with your vulnerabilities and picking yourself up every time you fall down. Informed by Isabelle’s personal journey and her passion for health and fitness – and drawing on her experiences as an actor, yoga teacher, personal trainer and health coach – The Why is a complete wellness toolkit for modern life. The introduction and the acknowledgments are read by the author.

The author, an Australian actor, yoga teacher, and health coach, narrates the introductory segments and closing acknowledgements in this potpourri of recovery and personal growth advice. As a speaker, she sounds clear and earnest. But when actor and writer Myfanwy Hocking begins her performance, she adds something to the mix that is so uplifting that it's easily the most powerful feature of the audiobook. Isabelle Cornish's desire to help is also prominent, and it shows in the myriad suggestions she offers – everything from positive psychology and rational-emotive therapy to meditation and other Eastern practices. Her efforts are aimed at healing, as well as prevention, so, in addition to Hocking's vocal inspiration, there is also value in the huge range of healthy life strategies she details.
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'With practical advice and empowering support, you'll find a roadmap to your greatest adventure within these pages.'
Shawn Stevenson, author of Eat Smarter and Sleep Smarter