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A Shadow on the Glass
The View from the Mirror #1
Written by:
Ian Irvine 
Read by:
Grant Cartwright 
Unabridged CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
21 hours 50 minutes 
February 01 2022 
Available Date:
February 01 2022 
Age Category:
Fiction; Epic Fantasy; Fantasy Fiction; Science Fiction 
Bolinda audio 
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NZD$ 54.95
NZD$ 54.95

Bestselling author

Shortlisted Aurealis Award / Best Fantasy Novel 1998

"Irvine's series opener promises a grand-scale epic fantasy that features a pair of unusual heroes and a complex world rich in history and variety. For most fantasy collections."
Library Journal

"Compelling ... this stands out as a worldbuilding labour of love with some truly original touches."

A stunning and original saga, from the international bestselling author of fantasy stories, Ian Irvine.

Once there were three worlds, each with their own human species. Then, fleeing out of the void came a fourth species, the Charon. Desperate and on the edge of extinction, they changed the balance between the worlds forever. Karan, a sensitive with a troubled heritage, is forced to steal an ancient relic in repayment of a debt. It turns out to be the Mirror of Aachan, a twisted, deceitful thing that remembers everything it has ever seen. At the same time, Llian, a brilliant chronicler, is expelled from his college for uncovering a perilous mystery. Thrown together by fate, Karan and Llian are hunted across a world at war, for the Mirror contains a secret that offers each species survival, or extinction ...

“Arguably the most inventive fantasy author to emerge in recent years, Irvine can now consider himself comfortably ranked next to the works of Robert Jordan and David Eddings and, more appropriately, the mighty Anne McCaffrey. Formidable!”

"Ian Irvine is a great find! ...Complicated, and compelling."
Kate Elliott, author of King's Dragon

"Irvine has built a history and wonderful culture for his vivid world. His first novel vibrates with originality."
The West Australian

"Award-winning actor and narrator Grant Cartwright's semi-voiced reading captures the emotional edge of the hatreds and fears that motivate each character. He has a wide range of accents and voices which he uses effectively to convey the nuances of this complex tale."

"In the first of the View from the Mirror quartet, Llian tells as his graduation story, the “Tale of the Forbidding.” Thus, he has become a chronicler, but his new ending to the tale has raised suspicions that he has uncovered dangerous truths. He is sent by his master on a quest that leads to a perilous journey. The pace of this story is uneven, but Grant Cartwright keeps it moving even when it lags. Cartwright, like Llian, is an engaging storyteller who shows enthusiasm for the events that unfold. As narrator, his characterizations of the numerous characters (of the human race and others) are resourceful."
AudioFile Magazine