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Working Class Man (MP3)
Written by:
Jimmy Barnes 
Read by:
Jimmy Barnes 
Unabridged MP3 CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
12 hours 33 minutes 
MP3 size:
546 MB 
September 28 2018 
Available Date:
September 28 2018 
Age Category:
Non-fiction; Australian; Celebrity; Memoirs; Musician 
ABC Audio 
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NZD$ 54.95
NZD$ 54.95


The sequel to the #1 bestseller Jimmy Barnes's unforgettable childhood memoir, Working Class Boy.

It’s a life too big and a story too extraordinary for just one book. Jimmy Barnes has lived many lives – from Glaswegian migrant kid to iconic front man, from solo superstar to proud father of his own musical clan. In this hugely anticipated sequel to his critically acclaimed bestseller, Working Class Boy, Jimmy picks up the story of his life as he leaves Adelaide in the back of an old truck with a then unknown band called Cold Chisel. A spellbinding and searingly honest reflection on success, fame and addiction, this self-penned memoir reveals how Jimmy Barnes used the fuel of childhood trauma to ignite and propel Australia’s greatest rock’n’roll story. But beyond the combustible merry-go-round of fame, drugs and rehab and across the Cold Chisel, solo and soul years, this is a story about how it’s never too late to try to put things right.

'... riveting storytelling.'
The Sydney Morning Herald

'Jimmy has always been a force of nature, living on the edge, giving high-octane performances that make you look and listen in awe. Yet, as this book shows, his wrestle with his hidden demons was taking a huge toll. Something had to give, and this compelling, must-read account lays it out in spades.'
Peter Garrett

'What a brave writer. Jimmy is no saint. His two-volume autobiography openly explores the anger, fear and addictions that have beset him. The legend who strides the stage with so much power and charisma reveals the boy who hid in a cupboard then found salvation in song, the rock star who had it all and spent it all, and the man who loves his family and his music.'
Lindy Morrison

'Working Class Man is a gripping account of a rock’n’roll life that could have ended in disaster. The fact it didn’t is proof of Jimmy’s extraordinary strength of will and physical endurance. You think you know a man and then you read this. All the mind-boggling excesses and the emotional extremes are revealed here, with brutal honesty and sparkling wit. Jimmy has found his real voice; it’s great writing, imbued with a spirit of generosity that knows no bounds – just like the man himself.'
Neil Finn

'Rare is the man who has lived this hard, this fast and this dangerously – only to survive and chronicle it all so superbly.'
Lisa Wilkinson, author of It Wasn't Meant to Be Like