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Marco Collection (MP3)
Written by:
Gerry Boland 
Read by:
Lloyd Cooney 
Unabridged MP3 CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
1 hours 14 minutes 
MP3 size:
54 MB 
June 01 2021 
Available Date:
June 01 2021 
Age Category:
Children (6+) 
Fiction; Animals; Children; Children's Fiction 
Bolinda/O'Brien audio 
Bolinda price
NZD$ 29.95
NZD$ 29.95

Get ready for a collection of madcap narratives about a rather remarkable grizzly bear!

Marco Moves In – It’s not every day that a grizzly bear turns up on your doorstep, asking for a cup of tea. And when that grizzly happens to have escaped from the zoo, it makes things very complicated. How can Patrick hide Marco from his inquisitive neighbours and from the police? But Marco proves to be a most unusual bear – and very good company too. Maybe he’ll stay? Marco: Master of Disguise – It’s nearly five months since Marco moved in with Patrick and his mum, and it’s been a struggle to keep him hidden. The zoo is still looking for him and there are ‘wanted’ posters all over town. So, when FIVE unexpected visitors turn up, one after the other, on the same day, just how will Marco manage to fool them all? You’ll be surprised! Marco: Moonwalker –After escaping from the zoo and coming to live with Patrick and his mum, Marco proves to have many talents. Now Patrick discovers that Marco is also a musical genius – he can play the trombone, banjo and even dance like Michael Jackson! ‘Let’s start a band’, Patrick says, and Marco becomes a STAR. Then disaster strikes. He is spotted without his mask and brought back to the zoo. How will Patrick and Mum get him out again?

'It can be a struggle to find books that will engage six-to-eight year olds, but one sure to capture their imaginations is Gerry Boland’s debut, Marco Moves In.'
Sunday Independent

'Boland certainly has a keen ear for a madcap narrative.'
Sunday Business Post

'Very touching and well written tales about a boy and his friend, a grizzly bear.'
Irish Times