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How do I copy an MP3 CD to my iPod?

Here is a step by step method of getting our MP3 books onto your computer, and then iPod. If you are not using iTunes and have another brand of player, this procedure will also work but menu commands may have another name in your software.

If you are on a PC or Mac, or have your iTunes preferences set a certain way, these steps should always work for you.

1. In the iTunes Music folder on your computer create a new folder, with the book title as its name.
2. Select all the files on our MP3CD and copy these to the folder.
3. In iTunes select the File dropdown menu and select “Add folder to Library”.
4. Navigate to and select your new folder, and then “Add”.
5. Now go back to the File dropdown menu and select "Library" then “Import Playlist”.
6. Navigate to your new folder and import the Playlist file.
7. Copy the Playlist to your iPod and it will copy all files in the Playlist to your device.