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The Vitality Mark: Your Prescription for Feeling Energised, Invigorated, Enthusiastic and Optimistic Each Day
Written by:
Mark Rowe 
Read by:
Maurice Gleeson 
Unabridged CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
9 hours 47 minutes 
May 01 2022 
Available Date:
May 01 2022 
Age Category:
Non-fiction; Lifestyle - Wellbeing; Self Help; Self Improvement 
Bolinda/Gill audio 
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GBP£ 21.98
GBP£ 21.98

Irish Author

A prescription for feeling energised, invigorated, enthusiastic and optimistic each day. Written by GP and lifestyle-medicine practitioner Dr Mark Rowe, whose own experience of burnout helped him to develop the programme for living with vitality set out in this audiobook.

How can we wake up each morning feeling optimistic, invigorated and enthusiastic about the day ahead? How can we live with more vitality? Through his work as a lifestyle-medicine practitioner and practising GP, Dr Mark Rowe understands how our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing all interconnect and impact on our health and ability to stay well. Balancing each of these elements forms the essence of vitality, or ‘the VitalityMark’ as Dr Rowe has come to define it. This audiobook can help you identify potential gaps in your wellbeing and offers a prescription of evidence-based strategies that will guide you from intention to action. By sharing insights from more than 25 years of helping others, Dr Rowe will direct you towards health-enhancing habits to boost your energy, build resilience and better recharge from stress. Learn how the science of lifestyle medicine can transform the quality of your life and those of the people you love. Learn to live with more vitality.

'These prescriptions for enjoying a more vital, energized life are not new; this is advice all of us know about how to take better care of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives. But narrator Maurice Gleeson's charming UK accent and laid-back vocal style add a special sauce to the author's ideas that stimulates enthusiasm and makes the habits he recommends sound fresh and inviting. His relaxed way of speaking draws listeners in and makes them feel curious rather than ashamed or pressured. The audiobook also succeeds because the suave physician/author is a charming writer and he offers fascinating new research supporting his advice. For anyone who's thinking about a life tune-up, listening intentionally and without distraction to this remarkable audio will be like immersion therapy.'