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My Word Against His (MP3)
Written by:
Lauren North 
Read by:
Eloise Mignon 
Unabridged MP3 CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
8 hours 54 minutes 
MP3 size:
386 MB 
June 01 2023 
Available Date:
June 01 2023 
Age Category:
Fiction; Crime & Thriller; Psychological Fiction 
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GBP£ 16.98
GBP£ 16.98

A sensationally gripping psychological suspense thriller perfect for fans of The Family Upstairs and The Couple Next Door.

‘It’s me,’ says the voice on the other end of the line. It’s been thirteen years and I still recognise it. Thirteen years of nothing. Silence. Not even a birthday card. ‘It’s time for you to tell the truth. It’s life or death.’ Three hours later, car tyres screech and the air bags release. For a second, nothing happens. There’s only stunned silence and a ringing in my ears. I peel open my eyes. What have I done? There’s a groan, and I gasp, terrified, at the sight of the man next to me. This is all his fault. Fumbling with the door, I half step, half fall into the freezing cold air. I’m shivering all over as my knees land on the tarmac. ‘Help,’ I whisper into the dark, empty street. Then there’s a flash of blue light. A siren. The police are coming. They will save me and arrest him. They will see a dangerous man and an innocent victim – a loving mother with a son she cherishes. They have to – because they can’t know the truth. They can’t discover what happened thirteen years ago and what happened tonight. All those years back, the lies nearly destroyed us. I won’t let that happen today. It’s my word against his. And there’s no line I won’t cross to protect my family.

'A captivating, suspenseful thriller that draws you in – with a twist that will take your breath away.' (on The Perfect Betrayal)
T.M. Logan, bestselling author of The Curfew

'Utterly gripping, dark, twisty and cleverly written.' (on Safe At Home)
Karen Clarke, author of Your Life For Mine

'Lauren North really knows how to reel you in. Absolutely brilliant.' (on One Step Behind)
Lesley Kara, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Rumour