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A Kitten Called Tiger and Other Kitten Tales (MP3)
Written by:
Holly Webb 
Read by:
Emily Wheaton 
Unabridged MP3 CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
5 hours 34 minutes 
MP3 size:
242 MB 
March 28 2024 
Available Date:
March 28 2024 
Age Category:
Children (5+) 
Fiction; Animals; Children; Children's Fiction 
Bolinda/Little Tiger Group 
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GBP£ 11.98
GBP£ 11.98

Bestselling author
UK Author

From one of Britain's most loved children's authors, Holly Webb, comes an adorable collection of kitten tales, perfect for fans of Zoe's Rescue Zoo and Magic Animal Friends.

The Firefighter's Kitten: One day Lola and her new neighbour Noah spot a kitten high up in a tree. It looks scared and soggy from the rain. A worried crowd forms and the fire brigade are called – including Lola’s mum. Can they rescue the stray kitten and help find him a new home? The Smallest Kitten: Twins Zara and Amina move to a new town and adopt a tiny kitten, but the sisters have different ideas about the best way to look after Pixie. Then at their joint birthday party, an argument between the girls sends Pixie running off, scared. Will Zara and Amina be able to work together to find her? The Railway Kitten: Every morning on her way to school, Scarlett sees Whiskers the kitten at the station. Then one day, the cat disappears. Scarlett is upset to discover that Whiskers has been run over. She needs a very expensive operation to fix her leg and her owner can’t afford the fees. Can Scarlett and her friends raise enough money to help? A Kitten Called Tiger: Ava’s new kitten, Tiger, may be small but he makes up for it with his big personality and sense of adventure. But when the kitten disappears one night, Ava has no idea where he could be.

'Another heart-warming and hugely satisfying adventure from one of our best animal story writers.' (on The Railway Kitten)

'Nobody does animal stories better than Holly Webb! ... truly adorable ...' (on The Beach Puppy)
Lancashire Evening Post

'Wheaton smoothly transitions between characters, establishing unique voices for each one.' (on The Hidden Staircase)