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Hi, I just finished listening to Andrew Daddo's It's All Good and wanted to say how much I enjoyed the story. It was a pleasure to listen to Andrew tell his story and I appreciated his honest and personal account. How lucky we are that you published it and made it available to us. Thank you! Its a real treasure and quite reassuring to know that there are some real decent people in this country.
Lou Walsh

My youngest daughter was a reluctant reader when I bought her two audio books from Bolinda last year. She listened to Tim Winton’s "Lockie Leonard" and Cathy Hopkins "Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras" on a long car journey. Since then she has read the other two Lockie Leonard books and the ten other "Mates and Dates" books, and she loves reading. So I will sing the praises of audio books!
Vicki Lee
Lake Heights Public School

Helen had the most incredible time listening to them all. I think she ended up sitting in the car in the garage to get through them all.
Ray Turton

I splurged on a purchase and fell so in love with the reader (not to mention the books, I had read years ago) that I splurged again for “Tandia”. Now I want to listen to all of your recorded books (beginning with all of Bryce Courtenay’s other books).
I have listened to something like 400 or 500 recorded books over the years and I can say without hesitation that Humphrey Bower is the best reader I’ve ever heard.
Miriam Vogel
Los Angeles

I have just listened to the Audio Book Solomon's Song read by Humphrey Bower. I have been listening to 'talking books' both here and in America for the past 15 years. I have never been so emotionally involved or affected than listening to the chapters of this book dealing with the 1st World War and Galipoli. Although the words were Bryce Courtenay's the understanding, the emotional content, the timing, the accents and the sheer brilliance of the reading has me writing a "fan" letter to this wonderful narrator.
I laughed and cried and the story has not left the fringes of my mind. These chapters should be compulsory listening to all Australians, they provide an insight to the Aussie character and coming of age that no other film, article or book has ever done for me. Again, I realise that the words were not his but this brilliant interpretation is his own, and I will never again hear the word Galipoli without thinking of his rendition.
Christine Neil

I like your website - it is very informative and loads quickly. Well done.
Kate Rogers
Orrvale Primary School

We love Bolinda tapes for a number of reasons:
1. Many of them align with the first American publication of Australian books which fit our teen interests beautifully! Titles like Marsden's Tomorrow When the War Began series, Looking for Alibrandi and the Lockie Leonard books are exactly the sorts our high school students find to be "good books": good writing, real teen characters, accessible issues presented, often, with humor as well as pathos.
2. Production includes nice sound effects, expanding on the text both subtly and engagingly. the incorporation of music between chapters helps some of our ESL kids with pacing. Andy Griffiths' tapes (like Just Tricking) drolly use the tape medium as an extension of the practical jokes in the books. Because of these additions, the tapes have a nice added value.
3. The recording quality and tape strength are good. In contrast with some publishers, we haven't yet experienced remarkable bouts of breakage or hissing.
Francisca Goldsmith, Teen Services,
Berkeley Public Library Berkeley, CA USA

Thank you so much for sending me the tapes to be considered for the Young Adult Services Selection Audio List. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Marsden tapes and have passed them to another librarian who loved them as well.
I plan to present the tapes as part of a workshop for my statewide association and want to make certain they are accessible for purchase.
Thank you so much and keep up your excellent work.
Jerene Battisti, Children's and Young Adult Librarian
Renton Public Library

I am writing to say thank you for the very attractive presentation and reading of my Aussie Bites, Peg Leg Meg. Could you please pass on to Stig Wemyss my thanks. I loved the way he did Maude the Marauder, he obviously is cut out to relish the villainous and piratical. I also thought he probably daydreamed the same sort of fantasies that I did as a child.
Nann Bodsworth,
Author of Peg Leg Meg.

I believe audio books are a great way to enjoy literature in our busy lives. Not only for the sight impaired clients but also for the general public so we can enjoy audio books while travelling or in our homes.
Margaret Conaghty
Kangaroo Island SA