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In this busy world of ten-second grabs and predictive text are we losing our ability to listen, simply listen? Or worse – is it that we just can’t hear for all the noise? Bolinda audiobooks are an invitation, a re-introduction to the pleasures of storytelling. Switch them on and switch off, let your ears get carried away by bards of the digital age.

Bolinda audiobooks are journeys in themselves. They transport you from wherever you are to wild and wonderful places – places that may shock and surprise, and places that exist only in the imagination. You could be sitting in the back seat of a car heading for Sydney, Detroit or LA. Perhaps Mum’s at the wheel, or Dad or an alien invader.

You’re playing ‘I-spy’. Something beginning with ‘g’: a gas station, a gate, a guardian angel, Gulf War Syndrome. Could be that you round a bend and find yourself in Marrakech, or on Mars. You might be on a road-trip with your buddies, on tour with your band, or on the run. If you are hauling a load from coast to coast it can be pretty boring, unless your load is top secret: a crashed UFO, covert weapons, or a delivery of toxic popcorn.

A Bolinda audiobook is a ticket to suspend belief, a licence to daydream, a passport to the unreal. Bolinda audiobooks can carry you away and you can also take them anywhere.